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Do you want to lose weight without giving up bread, pasta, chocolate & wine?

We design portion control products to help you create balanced, yummy, sustainable meals.

Reach your weight goal without calorie counting, food substituting & dieting. 

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Introducing the Worlds first scientifically designed & tested portion controlled Bento Box.
Update 13th November 2021: We will be back in stock on Amazon in December 🎁 


Pre-Order the PrepBx Lunchbox & Mealkitt
We only make a LIMITED amount each year, so the we can offer the best service to each customer. 

Available Now On Amazon UK

PrepBx Bento Lunchbox

Portion Guided Lunchbox

Stackable design containers mean you can prep for up to five days.

Available NOW On Amazon UK

Mealkitt - Daily Portion Control Planner

Kitchen portion tool that can help you quickly prep a days work of food to help you lose, maintain or gain weight

Arriving Q3 2022 

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Portion guide markers to help women & men to lose or maintain weight easily.

Make meal prep simple with our easy to use products & downloads. 

Meal prep is the key to weight management, but it can be complicated & time consuming. 

We've made some downloadable guides to make it easier to understand. 

Download Free Nutrition & Fitness Guides

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Also seen on Channel 4's Buy It Now

MealKitt in The Mail Online
MealKitt in Womens Health
MealKitt in Cosmopolitan
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