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Pre-Order An Additional PrepBX Container 


  • "Portions sizes have scientifically calculated using National Health Service data on calories consumption & healthy eating."
  • PrepBX helps you to visualise balanced meals. It has multiple compartments for each of your food groups. Proteins,Carbohydrates, Fats, Fruits & Veggies (Salads) & Oils. So you always prep a balance meal.
  • A removable protein & carbohydrate section means you can heat it up separately.  
  • Designed to be stackable & BIG enough to fit a sandwich! 
  • PrepBX is light weight, strong & leak proof. It has four clamp locks, a rubber water seal and compartment separator, tongue and grove design to stop in-box food mixing and leaking. As most seal only based lunchboxes tend to leak. 
  • Made from premium BPA free, food safe products 
  • ThePrepBX carry case also has a cutlery & napkin holder. A drink holder that can fit a protein shaker or 500 ml bottle and an ice pack holder to keep your food chilled.
  • It can also keep your leftover food or prepped food fresher for longer, once it's in the PrepBX (in the fridge).
  • Delivery Expected Early 2020

Pre-Order 1 Additional PrepBX Container

£24.99 Regular Price
£16.99Sale Price
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