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User Guide 




It means the world to us that you have chosen us to help you reach your diet goal.





Pull the Green Scoop (carbohydrates 🍚) + Blue Scoop (protein 🥩) + Yellow Scoop (fat 🧀) back to line 1 (for a woman) or line 2 (for a man) on the Mealkitt base. This creates your portion size for each food group🍱.


Then fill with food to Meal Prep Line 1 (to portion one meal) • Meal Prep Line 2 (to portion two meals) • or fill to the top to portion that food group for the day or three meals. 


Fill the Blue Cup (liquid protein ~ like yogurt or cream) and yellow cup (oils ~ like olive oil) to line 1 (for a woman) or line 2 (for a man)


With the Green Cup (this measures your ‘5 A Day’) fill this ALL the way to the top. 

Once with fruit 🍎🍌🍊& at least four times with vegetables 🌽🍅🥦 for both men and women. 


All green & white veggies (onions, garlic, broccoli, cauliflower etc..) + salads 🥗 & spices🌶 are FREE to eat as much as you like. 




LOSING WEIGHT EXAMPLE PORTIONS (woman losing weight portions):


Pull all scoops back to line 1 + fill the yellow and blue cups to line 1 + one portion of fruit & four portions of veggies + all I can eat foods each day. 



I would fill my Green Scoop (carbohydrates 🍚) all the way to the top with granola (thus using my daily carb allowance for breakfast) and mix it with a Blue Cup of fresh Greek yogurt (all my liquid protein allowance) and half a Green Cup of fruit! 



I would portion half my Blue Scoop (protein 🥩) with chicken & my Yellow Scoop (fat 🧀) with avocado and make a big green salad with plenty of tomatoes, cucumber, onions and peppers. 

Creating a big chicken and avocado salad for lunch with 2 Green Cups of carrots & tomatoes to nibble on. 



Filling the rest of my Blue Scoop (protein 🥩) with steak & Yellow Scoop (fat 🧀) with cheese, I would make a Philly Cheese Steak with a lettuce bun and 3 Green Cups of tomatoes, cucumber and broccoli with half a Green Cup of grapes for something sweet after. 


This food for the day will be approximately:

45% Proteins • 35% Fats • 20% Carbohydrates.
Around 1400 calories for a woman using line 1.

Around 1900 calories for a man portioning to line 2. 






If I want to bulk meal prep my food for 3 days (this is a much faster way to prep & portion) I can fill each section to the top and then divide that into 3 lunches for example. 

If I were to fill Green Scoop (carbohydrates 🍚) + Blue Scoop (protein 🥩) + Yellow Scoop (fat 🧀) all the way to the top with tuna, pasta and avocado, this would effectively be three meals. I then divide the food and Tupperware my 3 tuna pasta salads for 3 lunches (with loads fo salad and veggies). 




EASY PREP without having weigh food or calories count. 

If you have any difficulty using Mealkitt we’re here 24/7 to help you 🤗.


Your feedback means the world to us. 

If you have had a good experience, please let Amazon know and help grow our family business 💖.


Kind Regards,



Managing Director



When you un rap your MEALKITT™ please make sure to give it a wash under water and then put the scoops and cups in the right places. Log-in & Download all of the free meals & portion guide to help you get used to using MEALKITT™. 


Please make sure to wash your MEALKITT™ thoroughly after use, especially when using raw ingredients.

We recommend that when measuring raw meats that you measure meats, fish & poultry last, so not to cross contaminate. 

The MEALKITT™ Chopping Board, Scoops & Cups are completely dishwasher safe. When cleaning the MEALKITT™ base unit, we recommend using antibacterial soap and scrubbing it throughly in the sink. If you choose to put your MealKitt base unit into a dish washer, make sure to place it sideways and to give it at least 20 minutes to completely dry out. 



Once you have your number:

Simply pull the slider scoops back to that number to create a portion size.


Fill up the Liquid Protein and Fats Cup to that number too. The Dried Carbs Cup is explained in more detail further down.


Fill each section with the corresponding food types using the colour coded food reference guide.


Remember to use one section at a time and to always wash each section thoroughly after use to stop cross contamination.


Now your food for one meal
or food for the day is
pre-portioned and ready to serve and eat.


Fill to one meal prep line for one meal. Two meal prep line for two meals. All the way to the top, for a days worth of meals.


The scoops in you MEALKITT™ have meal prep line markers on them.

This is for you to measure either one, two or three portions in one go.

For example if you protein for the day was going to be just chicken.

You could fill the Protein section all the way to the top. 


You can fill the blue protein scoop and blue liquid protein cup, yellow fats scoop and oils cup sections each day.

With the carbs scoop you can either choose to use the dried carbs cup to measure one meal OR one meal on the scoop. You cannot fill both the dried carbs AND the non dried carbs sections to the top each day ( that would be 6 meals not 3 ). 


The MEALKITT™ Programme


The MEALKITT™ programme has been designed to help you average out your food consumption over the course of a week to allow you as much flexibility as possible as you work towards your health goals. 


Please see below the recommended positioning of Mealkitt measuring cups and scoops, depending on your individual goal. Each scoop and measuring cup, when adjusted to the appropriate setting, represents your daily intake of each different food group. Please note that although there is a scoop for cooked carbohydrates and a measuring cup for dry carbohydrates, you can only use one OR the other, rather than both at the same time.


The MEALKITT™ Portion Size and Calorie Guide can be downloaded below which includes a wide selection of foods from each food group, together with a list of ‘Free to Eat’ foods, which can be eaten freely with all meals. 


The MEALKITT™ calorie targets which are based on NHS guidelines are average daily amounts for adults aged 18–50 in good health with a moderate level of daily activity, (for example 30 minute brisk walk per day, or those who are in a profession which requires a degree of physical activity). 


Amounts may vary according to height and build, level of physical activity and any health conditions. Please consult your doctor before embarking on a weight management programme if you are pregnant, are taking medication or have any medical conditions.

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